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af JonathanF
man 28. nov 2011 08:16
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Emne: Lament
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Hello !

I invite you to discover my latest composition "Lament" and my other compositions at http://www.noomiz.com/jonathanfitas !

Find "Lament" and my other compositions on my Noomiz page and join me on my Facebook page ! ♪♫

Good listenning ! ; )

Jonathan !
af JonathanF
søn 28. aug 2011 01:31
Forum: Filmmusik
Emne: My universe & My new creation : Caresse du Temps
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My universe & My new creation : Caresse du Temps

Hey There,

I'm a french student and music composer and I'm highly interested in Film composition. That's the reason I would like to introduce to you my new creation : Caresse du Temps

Have good listenning !

Best regards,

Also on Facebook