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Indiana Jones scores komplet

: tors 4. sep 2008 12:26
af Henrik
Så skal vi bruge penge igen :wink: ... ml?forside

Eller :?:

Re: Indiana Jones scores komplet

: tors 4. sep 2008 12:56
af lars_el
Ja, så skal muldvarpen ud i dagslyset :)

Men det er da en god nyhed. Havde godt hørt at de skulle genudgives, men at det bliver udvidede udgaver er jo helt kanon! Gad vide om Crystal Skull bliver en udvidet version også? Ellers kan jeg godt leve med, at jeg så har 2 kopier af den... :)

Re: Indiana Jones scores komplet

: søn 5. okt 2008 14:15
af lars_el
Nogle her der har fundet et billigt sted at købe ovennævnte udgivelse? Det billigste jeg har fundet er hvor den kan købes til omkring 420 kr. inkl. forsendelse. Man kan selvf. også spille Lotto, og bestille fra USA, hvor den så kan komme ned på omkring 300,-, hvis man er heldig at den slipper ubemærket gennem tolden :)

Re: Indiana Jones scores komplet

: tors 30. okt 2008 10:05
af 224
når i har købt den vil i så ikke lige fortælle om dessertr chase er komplet - og om alt musik fra well of the souls er med - enten som komplet cue eller spredt over to tracks

Re: Indiana Jones scores komplet

: ons 5. nov 2008 23:27
af lars_el
Har ikke modtaget den endnu, men stødte på nedenstående indlæg på Film Score Monthly's forum... ... &archive=0

From the Intrada forum:

Hello, all. I received an advance copy of INDIANA JONES: THE SOUNDTRACKS COLLECTION and I just wanted to give you my initial impressions. Let me start by saying that an expanded Temple Of Doom was Number One on my personal list of "holy grails", so obviously I am incredibly excited to have all of this music.

But there are some production oddities about this set that make me scratch my head. The first thing that stands out to me is the "Desert Chase" from Raiders is the same stupid edited-down version that was on the original LP and first CD issue. Which means you all need to keep your DCC expanded Raiders disc.

The second thing that makes me scratch my head is that there are many cues from Temple Of Doom that were written to be cross-faded together, yet are presented as individual cues on the the CD. "The Nightclub Brawl" is written to be cross-faded into "Fast Streets Of Shanghai" for example, as is "Map/Out Of Fuel" into "Slalom On Mt. Humol", as is "Saving Willie" into "Slave Children's Crusade" into "Short Round Helps." There are many other examples of this and those who know the score will know what I'm talking about. Minor quibble? Perhaps.

Another oddity: in Last Crusade, "Belly Of The Steel Beast" is comprised of 3 cues cross-faded together. On the original CD "Belly" is comprised of part 1 and 3 (the 2nd part was omitted for the album). And now here "Belly Of The Steel Beast" is the same cue as the previous CD. The missing middle section is presented as the track right before "Belly" and is called "On The Tank." While I'm happy to have the missing music (a great piece of action music) I have to wonder why it wasn't assembled properly.

Alright, enough complaining!! "Indy's Very First Adventure" is all here now, including the fantastic moment when the guy with the fedora watches young Indy escape from the train. "Approaching The Stones" indeed includes the incredible choral music when Indy sees the stones glow. And on the bonus disc, "Uncovering The Ark" is a massive five-minute piece.

Bottom line: I can't believe I'm holding in my hands my top-wanted grail of film music after 24 years of waiting. "Hang on lady, we going for a ride!"


I did listen to the interviews. To me, it seemed mostly like they were edited from the DVD interviews (Spielberg whistling the two potential Indy themes and suggesting that Williams use both ideas, Spielberg saying that Temple Of Doom had some of the best "trek" music he'd ever heard, etc).


Thanks for reminding me -- that's another thing that kind of annoyed me. "Return To The Village / Raiders March" is only the cue up until the end titles start to roll. It is not cross-faded into the end title.